This white paper explores how marketing can help you achieve powerful competitive advantage against OEM direct locations in your market.


You’ve spent decades building your dealership as a representative for various manufacturers. Much of your business strategy was to present your business as the local outlet for those brands.

Slowly over the years the relationship changed. Rising sales quotas were used as a justification to bring a second dealer into your market. Then, you found yourself competing with national mega-dealers that had massive economies of scale in purchasing.

Now, you find yourself competing head-to-head with the same manufacturers that you used to view as business partners. Add on top of that the entrance of printer manufacturers and layer in online sales and you find yourself in a whole new competitive landscape.

There is no doubt that our industry has changed. The question is this: What can you do to compete effectively with OEM’s that are bigger than you, focussed on “buying” market share and working with massive marketing budgets?

One option is to play their game. However, you find yourself caught in the discount game, giving up the last shreds of gross profit to try to get a machine placement. The other option is to change the game--to move the sale to ground where the OEM is at a disadvantage.

Marketing plays a key role in changing the game. In this report we’ll explore ways that you can change the game against OEM direct competitors. Based on these ideas, we’ll share specific marketing strategies that you can use to create powerful competitive advantage against OEM direct locations--and all of the other players in the market that are playing the discount game.