A Sales Manager's Guide to LinkedIn

Cold calling isn't dead... It's just different.

Used properly, LinkedIn may be the single biggest prospecting resource. However, most sales reps are only realizing a fraction of the potential of LinkedIn. Even worse, some of them may be actually hurting their sales efforts (and the public perception of the dealership) by using LinkedIn the wrong way.

Your sales team needs to learn how to maximize their use of LinkedIn as a prospecting tool. As a sales manager you need to lead the way. 

What You'll Learn

We've prepared this guide to help sales managers incorporate LinkedIn into their sales methodology. You'll learn:

  • New ways to transition from a cold call to a warm call
  • Ways to champion LinkedIn prospecting without messing up the existing cold calling activity
  • Why you need an experienced sales rep to do LinkedIn sales training  
  • How to coach your reps to improve their profiles
  • How to foster a competitive culture of social selling in your sales team

About the Author:
Larry Levine

Larry_levine_circleFew people are better-equipped to address this topic than Larry Levine. With 27 years of field sales experience in the Los Angeles market, Larry knows what it takes to get through impossible-to-open doors. Last year Larry generated $1.3 million in sales and $600,000 of that amount was due to LinkedIn prospecting! Today Larry coaches sales teams across the US and Australia.