Special Report:
How To Position Your Dealership for Success in Managed IT Services

Like many dealers, you’ve set the goal to develop a managed network services business. You’ve lined up your partners. You’ve built a network operations center or partnered with a help desk provider. Maybe you have bought a managed network services company.

With all of this activity and investment it is easy to forget one of the most important aspects of your business transition: making your dealership look and feel like a credible source of IT services. Your customers and your market know and trust you as a copier provider.

To succeed in IT the market needs to begin to see you as a total technology services provider. The same people that know and trust you as a copier company may not feel comfortable with your ability to support their network.

What You'll Learn

  • The three obstacles that can keep your customers from trusting you with their network.
  • Practical ways to use your website to look like an IT provider
  • Simple strategies to use social media like an IT company
  • How to develop a concise value proposition that connects with decision makers
  • Ways to prove your competence as an IT provider