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Why Your Business Will Benefit from Keyword Research

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Jun 21, 2017


You have more than likely heard your marketing company talk about keywords, phrases, search terms, etc.

But why do marketing professionals talk about keywords so often?

Keywords are the key to targeting the right audience, not just any audience.

Choosing any word that relates to your business products and services may not be enough to help you dominate the search engine results pages. If you are targeting keywords that 1) no one searches for, or 2) are too broad, then you may end up with low traffic or the wrong kind of traffic to your website.

Here’s why.

For keywords that don’t have a lot of search volume, traffic in search will likely be low.

Customers may not be familiar with industry-related terms for your products and services. As a result, when making a search they will use questions or phrases to describe what they are looking for, rather than typing in more specific language.

For keywords that are too broad or competitive, it may be too popular of a keyword to rank for.

Large companies like Amazon appear are likely to beat out smaller companies for broad keywords. This is why it’s critical to narrow down your audience by focusing on keywords that are more specific. You can do this by focusing on your geographical location or using long-tail keywords and phrases.

Consider the buyer’s journey when it comes to keyword targeting.

The broader your keyword, the further the customer is from making a decision. Which customer is closer to purchase, someone who types in “shoes” or “black running shoes Nike”? More specific language can help you hone in on the people who are ready to make a purchase.

The way you go about choosing keywords for online marketing efforts can affect who comes to your site.

Spending time researching keywords can be done through various software programs, or you could ask your leads what information they were looking for and what they searched to find out what info they needed to make their decision.

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