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Why Your Business Should Have Google Reviews

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Jul 18, 2017


Having reviews of your business shows that people “vouch” for your business and they provide valuable insights about your business. Before people choose to engage with a business, they often turn to the web to gather information about the products and services available as well as how the business has served customers in the past.

This is where online reviews come in.

Gathering reviews and asking customers for reviews gives them a chance to voice both positive statements and testimonials about your business and concerns and disappointments.

While this may seem like a negative possibility, you can turn this into a positive experience by responding to their comments and solving the issue, creating an ultimately positive experience and potentially regaining them as a customer.

So, how should you go about asking customers for reviews?

As your reps make a sale or your technicians work on a machine, simply have them ask the customer to go to Google and write a review. In the Google My Business section of the search engine results pages, there will be a link to "Write a Review." It's as simple as that!

Get in the habit of asking for reviews and use the platform to engage with customers and solve any issues.

Be Understanding Of Timing

Asking for a review too soon or two late can be off-putting for customers and could yield a negative review. Identify when a customer has been satisfied and send your request for a review at that time. Prompt your customers to write a review beginning with asking if they had a positive experience. 

Make it About the Client

People know when you make something about you and your priorities. Make sure that you make the reviewing process about getting their feedback, addressing any issues they may have had and solving them to improve their overall experience. Give your customers options, so they feel like they are not forced to review.

Respond to Reviews – Positive or Negative

Opening up dialog for with your customers allows you to build a relationship, support their needs and delight them. Establishing trust with your client base is imperative for a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Collecting customer feedback not only demonstrates your credibility, but it also gives you the opportunity to learn more about your customer service, sales process and the quality of your products and services.