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Twitter-How To Become an Administrator on Your Dealership's Twitter Account

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Jun 30, 2015

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In a recent article to dealer principals I explained why it is critical that they have access to the company's social media pages. This post explains how to get access to your company Twitter page.

Twitter is  the easiest and most straightforward of the four social platorms to manage when it comes to who can and can’t access the profile.

The native Twitter application doesn’t provide the capability for you to assign multiple administrators or managers. As the owner of your dealership all you need is the userid and password to your Twitter account. If you need to change the password, all you do is log in as the account owner and change it.


What About the Other Social Platforms?

Click on the links below to learn how to get administrative access to your dealership's other social platforms.

facebook-1 linkedin-1 google


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