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Traditional vs. Web Marketing

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Jun 26, 2017


More and more businesses are turning to online marketing to help them achieve business success and growth. Marketing tools and strategies range from print and broadcast to email and web.

So, what’s the difference?

Web marketing offers a cost effective solution for marketing your product, services and business. Online strategies like social media development or email marketing give you the opportunity to present your “offering” to a large group of people. While your individual reach within each of those interactions is small, you are able to slowly build relationships with your existing and potential customers.

Traditional Marketing

While traditional marketing methods have proven successful over the years, the way that consumers buy products and services has changed rapidly in the past few years. Consumers use the internet to research before engaging with any business, meaning that your online billboard, READ: your website, is the first point of contact and must communicate your message clearly.

Web Marketing

Web marketers will help you to design, arrange and create messaging for your website to communicate very specifically with your potential and existing customers. Ultimately, your website should not only communicate what you are offering your customers, but how you will help them solve some sort of problem or make their lives easier through the help of your products or services.

With the help of a marketing agency, you will be able to collect and analyze data about your website and level of engagement from visitors to tailor and create the most succinct website possible. While traditional methods for marketing your business are still valid and effective for growing your business, web marketing is a cost-effective alternative that takes the buyer’s journey into account.