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Topics For a Filling (and FREE) Lunch and Learn

Submitted by Bill Poole on Apr 12, 2017

 Topics for a free (and filling) lunch and learn

Back in the day, a successful lunch and learn was more dictated by the free lunch than the learn. Putting some mediocre sandwiches on a platter was enough to get a small crowd out for a "demo day," where the lunchers exchanged their time for a vanilla copier.

Your audience's time is a lot more valuable now, so the "learning" aspect is much more important. So, what are some ideas that might compel the visitors to take time out of their day to come out for lunch?  Best to think about the things that will resonate with your audience.  A good framework for planning these is to consider applications where your OEMs and solutions partners are strong, and craft your guest list from there.  Let's look at two different categories of lunch and learns:

  • Vertical 
  • Functional
Your OEMs and partners have a lot of content to support your lunch and learns.  If you play your cards right, there is a good chance you can go to your partners to pick up the tab for the food!


Education: Connect the event to learning! Some specific topics

  • Improving retention with better classroom messaging or course materials
  • Improved teacher productivity or satisfaction
  • Growing enrollment- especially for the private schools
  • Streamlining processes such as registration or grading of tests
  • Protecting sensitive student information
  • Communicating with families using translation
  • Emergency preparedness with streamlined access to information or alert notifications
  • Helping schools deal with budget cuts

Financial: Align the event with the various needs that clients have

  • Securing sensitive financial information
  • Improving client communications
  • Compliance

Graphic arts: Be a resource for the business side of the shop by bringing an expert resource in

  • Prepresss workflow
  • Pricing and profitability
  • Differentiation 

Healthcare:  Streamline security and productivity

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Securing client information
  • Streamlining communicating between providers
  • Efficient use of space for nursing stations
  • Productivity of doctors and staff

Accounting:  Keep costs under control

  • Security of financial data
  • Cost transparency and visibility
  • Increase client billings

Legal: Securely streamline the discovery process.

  • Easy access to case documentation and information
  • Leveraging space in the urban office
  • Disaster recovery
  • Efficient capturing of document-related costs


  • Enabling factory workers to leverage technology
  • Protecting IP
  • Cost control and reduction
  • Accelerate time to market



  • Securing the network
  • IT Departmental productivity
  • Cost management in the IT department
  • Streamlining printer support
  • Dealing with shrinking IT budgets


  • Identifying and managing uncontrolled costs
  • The financial impact of print

If your business has any specific competitive advantages or value propositions, structure your lunch and learns around these.

This list should give you some great ideas to set up your lunch and learns that your clients' brains are hungry for!  Remember to reach out to your technology and solutions partners for support. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

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