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LinkedIn for Your Dealership

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Jul 27, 2017

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For the past few years, influencers and thought leaders have debated how social media help to grow businesses, whether small or large. From Twitter to Google+, each platform has its benefits, target market and style of presenting information. So what are the benefits of LinkedIn?

3 Quick Tips For Those Who Want To Maximize The ROI On Their Website

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Aug 02, 2016

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In this post I want to talk about what the next step is after you’ve had your beautiful new website built and launched. How do you realize the best return on your investment? Let’s discuss shall we?

So you’ve spent a few weeks, and a significant investment on having a new website designed just right for your organization, now what?

How Playing Google's Game Can Help You In Search Results

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Jul 05, 2016

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What you’ll learn in this article:

  • How Google+ and social media in general play into the greater buying process
  • How Google+ can help you rank higher in search results
  • 5 Quick steps to get your Google+ presence setup


Let me get to the point right from the beginning. CONTROL. If we’re all honest with ourselves, we all want more of it,

Do People Buy Copiers Online?

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Feb 08, 2016

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Over the years one of the most common questions I get from copier dealer principals and sales reps is, "When do you think people will start buying copiers online?"

My answer: "They already are and have been buying copiers online for years now."

Really. Yes, but not necessarily in the way you think. Because of the complex nature of the configuration, pricing, and lease options, they still need sales reps to bring the sale across the finish line. So, I think it will be a while before people put a copier in an online shopping cart and check out online.

Why You Need a Digital Brain Trust for Your Copier Dealership

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Dec 15, 2015

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Originally published by Darrell Amy on LinkedIn Pulse.

Google and LinkedIn have forever altered the traditional sales process. In one sense, the buyer gets more control than ever before over where they get information. However, in the middle of wringing our hands about the buyer being more informed than ever before, I think we've missed the real point: Buyers haven't changed. What's changed is how they gather information to make a buying decision.

You see, buyers have always been informed. Prospects have always needed information to make good business decisions. The only thing that's changed is where they are going to get the information.

What If 502 People Visited Your Dealership In One Month?

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Sep 22, 2015

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What would it mean for 502 people to visit your dealership this month? That’s exactly what happened in August with a relatively small but growing copier dealership that I spoke with yesterday.

No, 502 people didn’t walk through the door of their physical location. I bet less than 20 prospects came to their office. However, there were 502 new visitors to their website. That’s up from virtually zero a year previously.

Why Dealer Principals Must Own Their Social Media Logins

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Jun 30, 2015

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This article was recently publsihed in Office Technology magazine. 

I’m going to dive right in and shake you up in order to get your attention. As a dealer principal you wouldn’t give complete and total control of your financial books to one individual -- especially a third-party service provider -- without knowing yourself how to access them, or be able to take control of them at any point if need be. It’s not a stretch to say that could be a potentially detrimental move to the longevity of a business. I’m sure thoughts of mismanagement, improper billing, and the opportunity for embezzlement may come to mind. Any of these things could be certain death to an otherwise successful and healthy business.

Google Plus-How To Become an Administrator on Your Dealership's Company Page

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Jun 30, 2015

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Recently I wrote an article on why dealer principals need to have administrative access to their company social media pages. This blog post explains how to access your company Google+/Google My Business page.

Google+ is honestly a bit more - and when I say a bit

… I mean a lot more - of a headache to manage on the backend. The first thing to understand is that only the ‘Owner’ (Google’s term for Admin) can add a new ‘Manager’ to the page.

Facebook-How To Become an Administrator on Your Dealership's Company Page

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Jun 30, 2015

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Dealer principals need to have administrative access to their company social media accounts. This article explains how to get administrative rights to Facebook.

Twitter-How To Become an Administrator on Your Dealership's Twitter Account

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Jun 30, 2015

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In a recent article to dealer principals I explained why it is critical that they have access to the company's social media pages. This post explains how to get access to your company Twitter page.

Twitter is  the easiest and most straightforward of the four social platorms to manage when it comes to who can and can’t access the profile.