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How To Measure How Many Prospects Are Coming To Your Dealership's Website From Your Local Market

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Oct 20, 2016

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Have you ever wondered how many prospects are coming to your dealership's website FROM YOUR LOCAL MARKET? With a few simple steps inside Google's free Analytics tool, you can find out. In this article we'll show you how.

Let's face it, you probably don't care about visitors to your website from foreign countries or other states. What you care about is how many people are coming to your website from your local market.

The challenge is that the dashboard on your Google Analytics page shows you everyone that's coming to your website. With the steps below, you can filter out the riff-raff and just see the reports on who is coming from your local market.

Deal Exposure: How To Measure if Your Dealership is Playing in 100% of the Deals in Your Market

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Aug 09, 2016

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The age-old frustration of a dealer principal or sales manager is, “Are we playing in all of the deals?” What percentage of deals in your market is your sales team actively pursuing? We call this measurement Deal Exposure.

If there are 100 deals going down in your market this month and you have 20 opportunities in your pipeline with a 30-day windows, you have a 20% deal exposure. Stated another way, you’re missing out on 80% of the deals.

As a former sales manager, I’ve laid awake at night wondering how many deals my team is missing. Now, I think I have come up with a benchmark and a way to measure your sales and marketing effectiveness.

What If 502 People Visited Your Dealership In One Month?

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Sep 22, 2015

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What would it mean for 502 people to visit your dealership this month? That’s exactly what happened in August with a relatively small but growing copier dealership that I spoke with yesterday.

No, 502 people didn’t walk through the door of their physical location. I bet less than 20 prospects came to their office. However, there were 502 new visitors to their website. That’s up from virtually zero a year previously.

How Google Could Put Your Competitors' Reps to Work for Your Dealership

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Jun 23, 2015

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What if you could put your competitors' sales reps to work for your dealership? Is this possible?

Every day your competitors' sales reps are going on appointments with prospective buyers and talking about things you sell like Managed IT Services, Managed Print, Document Management, Workflow Solutions and Multifunctional Copiers.

How To Keep Your Dealership From Dropping In Google Search on April 21

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Mar 24, 2015

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Many of our dealership clients are concerned about their placement in Google. However, all the work you’ve been doing to boost your rankings may get shot down if your website is not mobile responsive.