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How to Use the Data From Your Webinar

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Apr 17, 2017

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Webinars are great tools to share new and exciting opportunities with your existing client base as well as potential new customers.

We already know that webinar attendees are going to gather the information they want. After all, they are the ones that have signed up to hear about a particular topic.

Topics For a Filling (and FREE) Lunch and Learn

Submitted by Bill Poole on Apr 12, 2017

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Back in the day, a successful lunch and learn was more dictated by the free lunch than the learn. Putting some mediocre sandwiches on a platter was enough to get a small crowd out for a "demo day," where the lunchers exchanged their time for a vanilla copier.

Stop Selling Copiers (MPS, DM, MNS...) and Start Building Bridges

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Mar 16, 2016

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Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

Sales reps want to sell products. Sales managers want the collateral to talk about products. Dealer owners want their websites to feature products.

Here's the problem: prospects don't want to buy products, they want their problems solved.

Zig Ziglar was famous for saying: "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

  1. You want to sell products.
  2. Your prospects want to solve problems.
  3. Therefore, if you want to sell products you have to help people solve problems.

As marketers and sales reps, our job is to build bridges between our clients' business problems and the products we sell.

The Real Reaction You Want After a Sales Interaction

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Dec 21, 2015

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Originally posted by Darrell Amy on LinkedIn Pulse.

What is the reaction you want to get after a sales conversation or marketing interaction?

Most sales people would say they want their prospect to say, “Yes, I totally agree with you! That’s what’s keeping me up at night.” While that's great, here's the problem: You have found an issue that resonates but you haven’t actually brought any new ideas to the table that reframe or fix the problem.

How Growing Up a Chicago Cubs Fan Relates to the Way We Purchase These Days

Submitted by Mike Hollander on Aug 26, 2015

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Growing up in the northern part of Illinois, you had one of two choices - being a Cubs fan or being a (gasp) Sox fan. There was never much thinking about it. My dad was a Cubs fan. His dad was a Cubs fan, and so on. I would be a Cubs fan. Now there is nothing wrong with the Sox. In fact, I was happy as a Chicago fan when the Sox won the World Series. But it was not my loveable losers!
Now as they have won 14 games out of their last 15, I started (yet again) thinking about possibilities. What if they won the World Series? Would the earth have tilted enough for that to be a possibility? Would Dodgers fans (Larry Levine) come unglued at the thought?

Moving From an Analog to Digital Copier Sales Strategy

Submitted by Darrell Amy on May 27, 2015

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In 2005 the copier industry responded to changing work habits by launching the first digital copier. The promise of printing led to two decades of innovation and investment by OEM's and dealers as analog copiers transitioned to digital multifunciton systems. Dealers that didn't make the transition either sold or closed.

Sales and Marketing as Agents of Change

Submitted by Darrell Amy on May 20, 2015

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John Maxwell tells the story from the 1700's of how tens of thousands of sailors in the British navy died of scurvy. One day, Dr. Lind figured out that eating citrus fruits high in vitamin C could prevent the disease. However, the leaders in the British navy felt the solution was far too simple for such a devastating disease. It wasn't until 40 years later, after Dr. Lind's death, that the navy began requiring sailors to drink lemon juice every day. Scurvy was eliminated overnight.

What Can Sales Reps Do With All the "No's" They Get Every Day?

Submitted by Larry Levine on Apr 27, 2015

Read More Lets face it folks the prospecting part of sales is tough. Calls go unanswered, emails may go into spam or not returned. What makes this even worse is we hear things like, “Make more phone calls, learn to handle the objection better or better yet this is a numbers game.”

In sales, our net worth and how we are managed falls within the sales funnel. We all chase the 30-60-90 day funnel. Keeping it simple, we were given some kind of “yes” sign by a prospect, we get excited, throw it into the sales funnel and then hope we can hit sales quota.

How To Share Your Sales Story on LinkedIn

Submitted by Larry Levine on Mar 16, 2015

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Let’s face it; we live in a world of constant change. Today it is cloud computing, mobility, big data and information management services. Who knows what the next five to 10 years hold in store for us.