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Why Local Marketing is Important

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Sep 28, 2017

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For businesses with a brick and mortar location, chances are that most of your business comes from customers that are physically near you. For businesses that provide products and services to a regionally, this is a given.

Improve Your Online Presence with Local Citations

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Sep 21, 2017

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On page optimization always comes first when developing a web marketing strategy. With that said, there is a lot to gain from building citations online.

Creating a Cohesive Marketing Plan for Your Business

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Aug 25, 2017

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From on-page optimization of your website to social media marketing, it’s important for your marketing strategy to target potential customers whether they are ready to buy now or at some point in the future.

Meaningful Improvements in Customer Service

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Aug 18, 2017

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Customer service is an important aspect of your business, from the top executives to each of your associates. Customer service is traditionally thought of a necessary aspect of jobs that are directly client facing, when, in reality, customer service begins at the top. When the CEO of a company spends time interfacing with clients and taking care of their requests, there will be a giant shift in 2 ways. 

How Does Your Marketing Provider Support Your Business?

Submitted by Bill Poole on Jul 31, 2017

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I have been a bit frustrated with my yard this summer. We built a great new deck in the back yard, but the lawn is not green, the sprinkler system cuts on at inopportune times, and the lawn service came to do mowing one evening while we were hosting a party in our back yard.

When building was to be started on the deck, we realized that a couple of the sprinkler heads needed to be moved and a fire-drill of sorts ensued. All of my discussions with my lawn guy have been reactive calls, trying to fix something that wasn't right.

The Average Age of a Network Administrator is 36-What This Means For Your Copier Dealership

Submitted by Darrell Amy on May 10, 2017

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In doing research for a presentation I’m doing for a Copier Dealer Association's service manager’s meeting, I discovered a statistic that should make all of us pay attention: 36 is the average age of a network administrator according to a recent New York Times article. Yes, that’s the average age. That means there are many in their early thirties and late twenties.

What does this mean to your dealership? Even though the people sitting in the c-suite may be baby boomers coddling their 401K’s as they sail into retirement, the youngsters they have hired to manage their information technology are digital natives.

Marketing Your Dealership: Embrace The Risks In Order To Win

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Oct 21, 2016

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 You Didn't Get To Where You Are Today By Avoiding Risk .... OR Did You? 


Let me start out by saying that I consider myself a print industry outsider. That’s right, I never gave this industry a single thought until I found myself working in it. Your initial reaction to that statement might be one of skepticism, or maybe you might think I’m not qualified to give advice on marketing in an industry that I haven’t grown up in, but I would argue that is exactly why I’m qualified to give marketing suggestions.

Top Copier Dealer Marketing Blog Posts From 2015

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Jan 06, 2016

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With the new year upon us, one thing is for sure is that digital marketing will continue to become more important to copier dealers and managed services providers. Another certainty is change.

Before 2015 slips too far off into the horizon, we thought we'd share a few of our most popular articles from 2015. Enjoy!

Can You Survive Without Technology?

Submitted by Mike Hollander on Nov 06, 2015

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Last night my wife asked me a question that captured my attention: "Mike, could you survive without technology?"

You see my wife is the smartest person I know. She has been a middle school counselor for close to 30 years. She had just completed a few presentations to 8th graders based on her theory that “Technology is a necessary evil” and must be balanced with face-to-face interactions in order to survive.

Growth Opportunities in the Growing Green Market

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Aug 13, 2015

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Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

In preparing for our webinar on New Green Marketing Strategies with Jordan Darragh of PrintReleaf, I've uncovered some very interesting data about the market for green solutions. I'll have to admit that until yesterday, I thought that "green" was nice window dressing on the real meat of the value proposition to a prospect. However, my eyes are being opened to the reality that there is a growing market demand for green business solutions.