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How To Protect Your Managed I.T. Services Program From Getting Dumped on the Heap of Failed Initiatives

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Jun 16, 2016

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Our industry has a poor track record of launching new initiatives. Looking back on the last fifteen years, document management and managed print services never really seemed to get traction with more than 15% of a dealership's customer base. Countless dollars were spent on training, infrastructure, and staffing. However, for most dealers these programs never really went mainstream.

Three Steps to Ensure Your Managed IT Services Offerings Get Noticed

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Jun 30, 2015

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Does your copier dealership look like a serious player in Managed IT Services?


If your dealership is repositioning as a Managed IT Services provider, the content on your website, blog, and social media pages should give as much weight to IT topics as you give to copiers. Otherwise you miss a great opportunity to get the message out about the value of your offering.

You also risk having prospects think that you are just a copier company that happened to bolt on an IT offering as an afterthought. In this case, prospects may be nervous about your ability to deliver.