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Top Copier Dealer Marketing Blog Posts From 2015

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Jan 06, 2016

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With the new year upon us, one thing is for sure is that digital marketing will continue to become more important to copier dealers and managed services providers. Another certainty is change.

Before 2015 slips too far off into the horizon, we thought we'd share a few of our most popular articles from 2015. Enjoy!


What Web Browsers Should Our Dealeship Care About?

Trying to figure out which websites are worth your attention was our number one blog posts for views this year. Google Chrome now dominates the market with over 60% market share.

"I Tried LinkedIn. It Doesn't Work"

Social Sales Coach, Larry Levine's punchy article addresses the true potential of LinkedIn for copier reps and reveals why many reps have failed to enjoy the full potential of LinkedIn.

Why You Need More Than Great Customer Service To Win Copier Deals

While the independent copier dealer channel will continue to differentiate by providing excellent service, it's critical that dealers don't lose sight of changing buying habits. 

Twitter--How to Become an Administrator on Your Dealership's Twitter Account

After several dealer pricipals became frustrated when they couldn't log into their social media accounts after an employee left the company our social media director Jon Mitchell wrote a series of helpful articles on how to get the passwords for each of your company social media accounts.

Confessions of a Gen-X Decision Maker

Everyone wants to talk about Millenial sales reps and Baby Boomer buyers. However, there are 85 million Gen-Xers who are now in the sweet spot of being decision makers and influencers. Here's some insight on how to reach them from Darrell Amy, a card-carrying Gen-X business owner.

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