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Meaningful Improvements in Customer Service

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Aug 18, 2017


Customer service is an important aspect of your business, from the top executives to each of your associates. Customer service is traditionally thought of a necessary aspect of jobs that are directly client facing, when, in reality, customer service begins at the top. When the CEO of a company spends time interfacing with clients and taking care of their requests, there will be a giant shift in 2 ways. 

  1. How your employees approach and value customer service. When executives spend time not only addressing client concerns, but also asking employees how they have served their clients and customers, “the overarching impact is a raising of consciousness about service across the organization broadly,” says Chairman Kessel Stelling, of Synovus Financial. When leadership at the company spend time delivering quality customer service and speaking with clients, it becomes easier for the rest of the company to follow suit and understand its importance.

How to use LiveChat to improve service and generate sales leads

  1. How the client views your company’s customer service. Contacting a high-level employee and getting a response or submitting a contact/support request and hearing back from the CEO immediately sends the message that customer service is important to them and that the company values the customer. 

A simple way to encourage this shift at your organization is to make conatct information readily accessible. When it is difficult to find contact information, it could be sending the message that you are hard to reach and don’t want to be contacted. Transparency and availability are crucial when it comes to customer service. 

LiveChat is also a great tool to serve your customers better! This provides your website visitors the opportunity to ask questions and reach out without searching for your contact information. And they can get an immediate response -- solving their problem quicker.

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How are you currently serving your customers? What could you do differently to improve your service?


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