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How to Use the Data From Your Webinar

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Apr 17, 2017


Webinars are great tools to share new and exciting opportunities with your existing client base as well as potential new customers.

We already know that webinar attendees are going to gather the information they want. After all, they are the ones that have signed up to hear about a particular topic.

But what kind of data and information can you gather as a business that is hosting a webinar?

Contact Information

When promoting your webinar, you will likely turn to various mediums to let people know about this awesome event for them to participate in.

Many of these people will not have heard of your business, products or services before. Getting these new people to sign up for your webinar gives you the opportunity to gather new contacts who have expressed interest in what you have to offer. 

Use the webinar to introduce this target audience to your business and exhibit your expertise in the topic, while establishing an open line of communication with your attendees. You’ve gathered their email and possibly job title, shared with them about a particular topic and informed them about your business. They are now the perfect sales lead.

So now that you’ve gathered some awesome new leads, what can you do?

Prioritize your leads based on:

  1. Whether or not they showed up to the event after signing up
  2. How long they stayed on the webinar
  3. If they were engaged throughout the whole webinar and asked questions at the end 

The third factor obviously qualifies your attendee as an ideal lead and can be passed onto your sales team to follow up. 

The first two factors may also encompass some great leads, but need a bit more qualifying before they are ready for your sales team. You can send these leads follow up marketing and nurturing emails containing the webinar recording, slides and links to blog posts that answer questions that came up during the event.

Your Audience’s Opinions/Likes/Dislikesshutterstock_129399053.jpg

Webinars give you – as a business – a fixed time to introduce new products or services to your customers and get instant feedback. Use a question and answer time during your webinar to ask questions about what you presented and understand how your audience can foresee your offering fitting into the day to day of their business.

The feedback you get is invaluable in helping you better your products and services and tailor your offerings to meet the needs of your audience. 

The goal should be to continually serving your audience better, and webinars offer a great opportunity to hear directly from your audience.

Don't let the end of your webinar be the end of the value you provide (and receive)! The data you gather throughout the process of creating, executing and following up will be invaluable to your sales team.

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