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Facebook-How To Become an Administrator on Your Dealership's Company Page

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Jun 30, 2015

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Dealer principals need to have administrative access to their company social media accounts. This article explains how to get administrative rights to Facebook.

  1. Determine who the Administrator of your Company’s Facebook page is and make sure you’re either Friends on Facebook or you know the email address that the individual uses with Facebook.

  2. Go into Facebook and look on the left hand side of the page for the ‘Pages’ header and navigate to your company page.


  3. Once you’re on your company Facebook page, look at the upper right side of the page for ‘Settings’ and click it. 


  4. Once you’re at the Settings screen, look middle way down on the left hand column for ‘Page Roles’ and click there.


  5. On the ‘Page Role’ screen, you’ll find a box where you can enter a name or an email address. If that individual that you’re wanting to designate an Admin is a Facebook friend, then the name will auto-populate in the box and you can select it. If the person is not a Friend of yours on Facebook then you’ll have to enter their email address (the one they use for Facebook) in the blank and they will be sent a message from Facebook letting them know that they’ve been granted a Page role on your company page. Once that individual accepts the role, the process is complete.


What About the Other Social Platforms?

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