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Marketing Your Dealership: Embrace The Risks In Order To Win

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Oct 21, 2016

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 You Didn't Get To Where You Are Today By Avoiding Risk .... OR Did You? 


Let me start out by saying that I consider myself a print industry outsider. That’s right, I never gave this industry a single thought until I found myself working in it. Your initial reaction to that statement might be one of skepticism, or maybe you might think I’m not qualified to give advice on marketing in an industry that I haven’t grown up in, but I would argue that is exactly why I’m qualified to give marketing suggestions.

How To Measure How Many Prospects Are Coming To Your Dealership's Website From Your Local Market

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Oct 20, 2016

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Have you ever wondered how many prospects are coming to your dealership's website FROM YOUR LOCAL MARKET? With a few simple steps inside Google's free Analytics tool, you can find out. In this article we'll show you how.

Let's face it, you probably don't care about visitors to your website from foreign countries or other states. What you care about is how many people are coming to your website from your local market.

The challenge is that the dashboard on your Google Analytics page shows you everyone that's coming to your website. With the steps below, you can filter out the riff-raff and just see the reports on who is coming from your local market.

Why Your Copier Dealership Must Have Original Content On Your Website

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Oct 11, 2016

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Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse by

Social selling is going mainstream according to a recent Business Insider article, 5 Business Trends That Will Influence Your Career. Hot off the trail with Larry Levineand the LinkedIn Office Tech Sales Roadshow I’m fully convinced that social selling skills are critical to success in our industry going forward.

While most sales reps are waking up to the power of social selling, many dealers have not yet realized the importance (and opportunity) of backing their reps with content on the dealership’s blog and social media.

Lessons for Copier Dealers From My Favorite Book of 2016: Not Taught

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Oct 06, 2016

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Sometimes you need a cold glass of water in the face. It's like that moment you see yourself in a photo and then step on a scale and realized that 20 lbs has crept in. As tenured sales people and experienced business owners we need a cold glass of water in the face in the area of sales and marketing. 

Keenan, Forbes columnnist on sales, throws multiple glasses of ice cold water in your face the moment you flip page one of his book "Not Taught, What It Takes to Be Successful in the 21st Century That Nobody's Teaching You." Here are some of my observations as I read back through this book.

What I Learned About Sales and Marketing From My Recent Fishing Trip

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Sep 24, 2016

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While at the inaugural Net New Business Summit this week I had the opportunity to do something different than the traditional corporate golf outing. Instead, we went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.  My team set out at 5:30 in the morning to watch the sunrise over the gulf. We snagged some baitfish and headed about 15 miles offshore to have some fun and catch the main course for our dinner that night. We had a great time, caught a mess of fish, and got a sunburn. In the process, I observed a few parallels between fishing and sales.

Deal Exposure: How To Measure if Your Dealership is Playing in 100% of the Deals in Your Market

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Aug 09, 2016

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The age-old frustration of a dealer principal or sales manager is, “Are we playing in all of the deals?” What percentage of deals in your market is your sales team actively pursuing? We call this measurement Deal Exposure.

If there are 100 deals going down in your market this month and you have 20 opportunities in your pipeline with a 30-day windows, you have a 20% deal exposure. Stated another way, you’re missing out on 80% of the deals.

As a former sales manager, I’ve laid awake at night wondering how many deals my team is missing. Now, I think I have come up with a benchmark and a way to measure your sales and marketing effectiveness.

3 Quick Tips For Those Who Want To Maximize The ROI On Their Website

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Aug 02, 2016

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In this post I want to talk about what the next step is after you’ve had your beautiful new website built and launched. How do you realize the best return on your investment? Let’s discuss shall we?

So you’ve spent a few weeks, and a significant investment on having a new website designed just right for your organization, now what?

Why Copier Dealers Need a Product Catalog on Their Website--And How To Manage It

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Jul 27, 2016

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One question I get regularly is, “Do I need a product catalog on my website for the multifunction copiers, printers, and other devices I sell?”

When it comes to product catalogs, dealers have three choices:

  1. Link to your OEM partners

  2. Don't have a product catalog

  3. Have a product catalog on your website

This article explores the three choices and outlines options to easily manage a product catalog on your website.

Discovering A Hot New Area of Competitive Advantage for Copier Dealers: Business Continuity

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Jul 20, 2016

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As I help hybrid copier dealers across the U.S. and Australia create a unified value proposition between their copier and managed I.T. services businesses I'm always looking for ways to create competitive advantage. Recently, I've been thinking about an area of competitive advantage that's fairly unique to copier dealers: business continuity. If you think about it, copier dealers are in a unique position to provide business continuity solutions.

Where I.T. companies focus on the backing up data only, hybrid copier dealers consider both the data and the documents. Where I.T. companies focus on computer hardware restoration, hybrid copier dealers can restore servers, computers, phone systems, printers, and multifunction systems.

How Playing Google's Game Can Help You In Search Results

Submitted by Jon Mitchell on Jul 05, 2016

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What you’ll learn in this article:

  • How Google+ and social media in general play into the greater buying process
  • How Google+ can help you rank higher in search results
  • 5 Quick steps to get your Google+ presence setup


Let me get to the point right from the beginning. CONTROL. If we’re all honest with ourselves, we all want more of it,

Special Report: How to Position Your Dealership for Success in Managed IT Services