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3 reasons you shouldn't be checking the web marketing box

Submitted by Bill Poole on Apr 28, 2017

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I am relatively disciplined when it comes to getting regular workouts. I really enjoy mountain biking, which makes a lot of the workouts very fun for the majority of the year, but winter is a bit different. Although I live in Colorado, it is not possible to take quick break to go for a ski during the work week, so I begrudgingly go to the gym to get my workout.

I regularly notice a gal at the gym sitting on the stationary bike, peddling slowly, with more attention spent on her phone than on anything else. She is quite the texter! There is plenty of stuff that I can find on my phone to keep my attention for the 45 minutes that I am at the gym, but that seems a bit counter intuitive to me. My reasoning for going to the gym has little to do with the time I am at the gym. I go to the gym for a few reasons:

  • I am more productive the rest of the day!
  • When I do mountain bike or ski, it is more fun, and less work
  • While I usually eat a healthy diet, I do enjoy yummy food and an IPA here and there
  • I sleep much better at night
  • Being fit results in less aches and pains and other getting old stuff
  • I just feel better all day!

So, my reasons for going to the gym are directly aligned with things that are valuable to my life, and have little to do with the time that I am actually there. Different people go to the gym for different reasons. For example, some go for social reasons. That said, I am a bit curious about the reasons that the texting biker goes to the gym. My only guess is that she is checking the gym box off in her daily routine, and doesn't really have a list of reasons why she is actually there.

Similarly, there are varying approaches as to how dealerships look at their web marketing strategy. Which approach do you take?

  1. Is your web marketing an expense that enables you to check a box?
  2. Are you investing in web marketing to support your business?

Creating Expert-Level Content

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Apr 26, 2017

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Creating expert-level content is more than stating facts – even if they are all true and informative! There is so much more to creating content than sitting down to write a page and post it to your website or blog.

How to Use the Data From Your Webinar

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Apr 17, 2017

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Webinars are great tools to share new and exciting opportunities with your existing client base as well as potential new customers.

Topics For a Filling (and FREE) Lunch and Learn

Submitted by Bill Poole on Apr 12, 2017

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Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Big?

Submitted by Bill Poole on Apr 05, 2017

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Hmmm, quite a slippery slope. An age-old question that probably plays out poorly more often than not. How to answer this question? A slippery slope indeed.

Do You Need a Website Redesign?

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Mar 31, 2017

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Does your current website serve your business’ needs? A good website needs to be functional and reliable, but a great website is meaningful and convenient for users.

New Dealer Marketing Services Shows Dealers What Companies Are Visiting Their Website

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Mar 15, 2017

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Today Dealer Marketing announced the availability of WEBVISITOR-ID, a service that gives dealers instant notification and daily reports of the companies that are coming to their website.

“Our search engine optimization team has been working hard to get dealers top ranking in Google to drive more traffic to their websites,” said Darrell Amy, Chief Innovation Officer at Dealer Marketing. “Now we are going to be able to show them the companies that are coming to their websites to create actionable sales intel and leads!”

What To Do When Your Website Just Isn’t Converting

Submitted by Lindsay Meade on Mar 14, 2017

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You’re getting great rankings and a decent amount of traffic, but just aren’t getting leads… What do you do?

Chances are that if you identified with the above statement, then your website may not be properly designed to convert the traffic coming to your site.


(Want to learn more about getting rankings? Download our special report on How To Get Top Placement in Google.)

Accurate Business Planning Starts with the Sales Process

Submitted by Bill Poole on Mar 09, 2017

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Failing to plan is planning to fail. I have discussed this concept at a micro level as it relates to planning sales calls. It is even more applicable at a macro level when it comes to business planning from a financial standpoint.

Some common financial questions that business owners ask themselves are:

  • When can I invest in additional products or services to grow my business?
  • How much money can I take out of my business?
  • How do I make payroll???

Three Ways Copier Dealers Can Convert More Website Traffic To Sales Leads

Submitted by Darrell Amy on Mar 08, 2017

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In a similar way that copier sales reps drive appointments, copier dealers work hard to drive traffic to their websites in the hopes of converting visitors to potential sales leads. With effective Search Engine Optimization strategies, backed up by consistent blogging and social media, dealers can drive increasing traffic to their websites.

(Want to learn more about this? Download our special report on How To Get Top Placement in Google.)

Special Report: How to Position Your Dealership for Success in Managed IT Services